NEO AMCA is a legal, education and business management solutions company which innovatively carries through anything and everything that concerns an organizational company, schools, families, even an individual human resource.
We conduct trainings, seminars, literacy programs, and others which are specially studied, researched, and made for you.

includes business incorporation, organization of the business structure, writing and establishment of internal procedures, documentation of the external rules and standard, processing of the papers required by the licensing government agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), local government units' permit and licenses, starting up your group, business, institution or even an personal business.

your legal concerns are referred to our expert lawyer-practitioners. Our Legal Department handles all legal issues from the simple requirements of notarization, contracts, affidavits, other documentary requisites set by the government agencies and provided by law are offered. Court litigations are also handled by our excellently competent legal-practitioners.

this covers various things, such as but not limited to the evaluation and analysis of the business set up, maintenance of the corporate esteem, financial strength and cultural ethics, improvement of the existing management make-up for an optimum success and tremendous fiscal viability, more satisfactory implementation of the rules that set your company's potential and growth at its peak- living not just at the movement applying the latest business trends but being above and appropriately ahead the set business goals.

our gregariously creative trainings and seminars are innovatively studied, researched, planned and re-evaluated by our experts. Our consultant-trainers who are not just academically qualified but also practitioners are the so called "trainer of the trainers". They being members of formidable Educational and Professional Institutions genuinely live out the noble mission of providing a credible academic fulfillment.

this covers anything that the human mind and spirit can conceive. NEO AMCA firmly believes that there are thousands of practical situations where we can be of help. These in general are those, which do seek for an immediate intellectual response, which words for now cannot possibly put with definiteness. Therefore, if it is about the others then it means everything you might need but not under any of the four enumeration.
Legal and Management problems? All you need is us!
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